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Findings (Digital Video) - Single Channel – Available also as a non linear interactive video installation


"Findings" contains four brief testimonies that provide limited access to the history of the family on my father's side, who migrated from Palestine to Colombia in the 1920s. The piece is constructed as fragments of stories, drawn from everyday conversations, around the history of my grandfather's generation. The video consists of a visual exploration of archival photographs that accompany some of the testimonies and that are chosen more by intuition than by historical precision. The emphasis is placed on the phantasmagoric quality of photographs and the absences that they stand for. There is no recreation of memory, and no search for truth, but a projection of my own nostalgic longing for the other, and the communication of affect through aesthetic experience.


178 Jameson Ave, Unit 5   Toronto, Ontario, CA  -   416 5710231   -  julieta.spirits[at]gmail.com