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Embrace (Digital video, 6' , 2011) - Single Channel or installation loop. From the Series Exercises in Faith


In this video I hold a fish, a sea bass, while it dies. The video explores my relationship with a living animal normally destined to consumption and finds common ground in the cycle of life and death. I embrace guilt and embrace what is other while suffocating it: A sacrificial rite that intends to take the fish out of his place as object of consumption and imagines a continuum or connection based in our mortality.

As in some of my other videos, there is minimal movement and the setting is a neutral, plain background. There is a tension between mobility and immobility and between indifference and emotional intensity.


178 Jameson Ave, Unit 5   Toronto, Ontario, CA  -   416 5710231   -  julieta.spirits[at]gmail.com