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Cut (Digital video, 6' , 2011) - Single Channel or installation loop. From the Series Exercises in Faith


In this video, the gesture of rupture and healing is grounded in the banal activity of cutting and sewing. I sit in front of the camera, wearing a black t–shirt, with a black background. It is a medium shot of my torso, from my navel up. I am facing the camera, but my mouth is the only part of my face that enters the frame. I do a vertical cut of my t-shirt with a pair of scissors, upwards in the direction of my neck. I put the scissors down and then I pull a needle and thread and start sowing the shirt in the same direction. The action is performed blindly, without moving my head.

The motionless neck speaks to a disconnection between body and head, suggesting an emotional detachment of the subject from herself and from the operations performed; the subject's lack of eye contact with the hands makes the cutting and sewing awkward and clumsy.


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