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Bird (Digital video, 1' 52" , 2010) - Single Channel – Available also as installation. From the Series Exercises in Faith


Bird is a close up of my hand holding a canary, while it moves, trying to free itself from the grip. It is a helpless situation. The bird is forever trapped in an endless loop in which it does futile attempts at escaping.
The video reflects on fragility, beauty and violence, questioning the limits of our ethical relationship to one another and to the world. What does it mean to confront what is vulnerable? Is there a certain pleasure in the domination of others? What does it mean to have infinite power?
This video presents violence as a physical sensation. The flapping of the wings is a mute voice, a material voice. It is also the thrill of having someone's heart trembling in your hand, someone's pain in your hand.


178 Jameson Ave, Unit 5   Toronto, Ontario, CA  -   416 5710231   -  julieta.spirits[at]gmail.com