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Sea of words (Digital video, 3.5' , 2007) - Installation.

This installation is a comment on the loss of identity that one experiences in this era of information and communication frenzy. It also speaks of the paradox that we are able to control the codes of life in the laboratories but, as individuals, we are as fragile and mortal as ever before.

The installation is comprised of three video projections, in which I combine digital imagery, images of water and of body parts underwater. The digital images are drawn mostly from mathematics and genetics, but are illegible because they are moving constantly creating a blur. I use the metaphor of the sea. On the one hand, the sea of knowledge, the whirlpool of codes, the quest for immortality. On the other hand the sea inside of me, the tides that constitute my life, my rhythm, what makes me mortal.

Over everything, a prayer: God / forgive me / for I am / and I say forever / and I know the words.


178 Jameson Ave, Unit 5   Toronto, Ontario, CA  -   416 5710231   -  julieta.spirits[at]gmail.com