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Precarious Landscapes:Fire (Digital video, 3.5' , 2011) - Installation.


The landscape is source of ideas of identity and dreams of belonging, but also of nightmares when confronted with the side of it that partakes in the real; when one gets too close, blurring the boundaries that keep one safe. Using videorecorded, personal performances, I carry out an investigation on ways to inhabit the world in mourning or skepticism, reflecting on violence and vulnerability. 
The landscape on this installation is a view from La Perla, a clandestine detention center in Argentina.  Being able to contemplate the beauty of this landscape while learning the horrific facts that took place within it, was one of the experiences that informed the making of this work.


178 Jameson Ave, Unit 5   Toronto, Ontario, CA  -   416 5710231   -  julieta.spirits[at]gmail.com